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More flexible than ever  


The new Zamo generation from Bosch


Company: Bosch Power Tools Gmbh

Duration: 6 Month

Designed with: Volkan Akbiyik / In-House Design Team


The project which was my main task during this internship will be released in 2018. I was a full team member with dedicated responsibilities. During this project I was part of a cross functional team which included disciplines like engineering, marketing, project management and market research. My role in this team was to consult and support in hands on User Experience and Industrial Design questions.

This internship was set in the UX Lab of the Power Tools Devision. I gathered strong skills in hands on User Experience, Design Thinking and Industrial Design. I worked on different projects in different stages of the Design Thinking process. My tasks included user research, user testing, concept generation, prototyping, model making, concept development, industrial design, CAD modelling and design for manufacturing. Next to my projects I was part of focus groups and workshops. I successfully completed the "Design Thinking Basic Training" which is a 2 day workshop.


IF Product Design Award 2019

Reddot Design Award 2019


Copyright and video rights Robert Bosch Powertools GmbH


The Bosch Zamo is now multi-functional. Bosch is introducing a concept to the measurement technology segment that is already familiar to DIY enthusiasts who use the Ixo cordless screwdriver: a range of adapters – in tape, wheel, and laser line versions – will open up completely new possibilities for DIY enthusiasts to realize creative ideas. The new Zamo is much more than a standard laser measure − it is a universal helper for every household.


Tape Measure   


Measure easily with the tape adapter


Measuring made easy − and not just when sewing. The new tape adapter transforms the Zamo into a digital tape measure which can be used to determine short distances of up to 1.5 meters in a matter of seconds. Simply pull out the adapter’s flexible tape, measure the object of your choice, and press the button to bring up the measured value on the Zamo’s illuminated display. Whether you’re working out a waist measurement, arm or leg lengths, the size of picture frames or TV diagonals, the advantage is the high precision with which the Zamo measures. You can be sure that every outfit will fit perfectly – and your television set will shine on your living room wall just as the Zamo does thanks to its reflective surface.


Copyright and picture rights Robert Bosch Powertools GmbH


Wheel Measure  


Quick measurement with the wheel adapter


The Zamo is particularly nimble with its new wheel adapter. It looks a bit like a pizza cutter, gliding smoothly anything you might need to measure, even if its surface is curved. This enables you to quickly determine how many meters of cable you need when running it along a door or how much material you need to give your favorite armchair a new look. You can also quickly ensure that pictures are spaced out evenly when hung on the wall. The Zamo starts measuring as soon as the wheel adapter touches a surface and stops again once it is removed from it – it’s quick and easy.


Copyright and picture rights Robert Bosch Powertools GmbH


Laser Line  


Everything lined up in a row with the laser line adapter


No matter how hard you try, the pictures in the living room or the wardrobe hooks always hang crooked? The new laser line adapter of the Zamo provides a remedy. It turns the laser point into a laser line, on which objects can be aligned in no time at all. For example, you can place the Zamo on a tabletop or a pile of books and align the adapter using two levels like any standard spirit level. Then you’re ready to hang up picture frames, shelving or anything you like neatly in a row. You can project a horizontal or vertical line, depending on the edge the Zamo is resting on. This tool is all about clean, straight lines – both in terms of its design and its applications around the home.


Copyright and picture rights Robert Bosch Powertools GmbH