Currently at Nokia SF previously at IDEO Chicago  


01 - My view on Design

As a designer, I’m driven by working with the combination of progressive technology, interaction and product design. Using this combination, I tackle complex problems and topics by stretching current solutions, and merging input from different industries and fields. During this problem solving process,  I gather user insights and look at the whole ecosystem behind the problem to come up with simple and holistic design solutions. Getting my hands dirty and using the power of analog and digital prototyping to test out ideas and generate feedback to iterate quickly, is a key to success for me. I love to be part of a team which comes from a range of fields and professions to create diversity and stretch our creative muscles. Nothing is better than sharing the feeling you have after a successful project with team members. Learning fast, even in stressful situations, and an abstract, creative way of thinking are two strengths in particular for which I’m known. I’m also known for bringing energy to projects to keep the team spirit up, even during crunch times.

02 - Story of my Life

Growing up in the mountains of Austria, and on the coast of Italy, created a deep connection to nature and it’s fascinating wonders. The influence of nature and working in different metal and wood workshops sparked my passion of building and making, and taught me how to keep a cool head and let my mind wander. Working as a paramedic was a life changing experience and showed me how to related to myself and others in times of need and support. I had the chance to work for the leading design firm IDEO in Chicago, and in the UX Lab of Robert Bosch Powertools. I studied one year of polymer engineering and graduated with distinction from the University of Art and Design Linz in Austria, with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design. Currently I'm pursuing my MFA in Advanced Product Design at the Umeå Institute of Design.



Work Experience  

  • Industrial Design Intern

    Nokia Design San Francisco

    Internship position offered after the spring term project collaboration project. Current role consists of supporting the Industrial Design team in every aspect and task. The focus is on consumer electronics with a strong focus on technology driven solutions.

  • Industrial Design Intern

    IDEO Chicago

    During my internship I worked on different projects from future visions to projects with more near-term impact. I always worked in cross-functional teams and I was a full team member with dedicated responsibilities. Next to my project related work I had time to pose myself a research question: ”How might we make data more tangible, persuasive and persistent?” and address it with collaborators from other design disciplines and with the tools at hand. My tasks included user research, concept generation, prototyping, user testing, concept development, industrial design, CAD, polygon modelling, model making, visualization and video editing.

  • UX Design Intern

    UX Lab, Robert Bosch Power Tools

    This internship was set in the UX Lab of the Power Tools Devision. I gathered strong skills in hands on User Experience, Design Thinking and Industrial Design. I worked on different projects in different stages of the Design Thinking process. I was a full team member with dedicated responsibilities. The project which was my main task during this internship will be released in 2018. During this project I was part of a cross functional team which included disciplines like engineering, marketing, project management and market research. My role in this team was to consult and support in hands on User Experience and Industrial Design questions. My tasks included user research, user testing, concept generation, prototyping, model making, concept development, industrial design, CAD modelling and design for manufacturing. Next to my projects I was part of focus groups and workshops. I successfully completed the "Design Thinking Basic Training" which is a 2 day workshop.

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  • Industrial Design Intern


    I worked on different projects, including consumer goods, industrial machines, and graphic design tasks. Clients including Swarovski Optics, BWT, Haselmaier and Agilox. During this internship my main focus was set on ideation and visualisation. Therefore different digital and analog tools were used. another part was model making and prototyping.




  • MFA Advanced Product Design

    Umeå Institute of Design

    As innovation and new technologies become more significant in the design process, the industrial designer's role as coordinator of the problem solving process is becoming more important. The increasing complexities and demands for multi-disciplinary teamwork in the product development process demand a more holistic approach, which is one of the modern industrial designers' greatest attributes, and the basis for the Advanced Product Design Programme.

  • Bsc Industrial Design scionic

    University of Art and design Linz

    The Industrial Design programme lays its focus on (series-produced) objects, processes and strategic as well as technological innovations. "Scionic" (Science+Bionic) intents to draw inspiration from models taken from Nature.



Workshops / References